Twitter Hashtags for Student Affairs (Free resource handout)

Student Affairs Twitter Hashtag

On May 25, 2011, I presented a session at the PASSHE (PA State System of Higher Education) Student Affairs Conference in Cheyney, PA titled “Using Social Media for Professional Development & Networking Opportunities.” During the session I illustrated the benefits and virtues of using  Twitter for professional development. One of the key points of the session was the use of the Twitter “hashtag” (#) to help expedite keyword searches for student affairs-related Tweets.A Twitter hashtag is a means by which someone can easily tag a keyword or topic for others to find. There are a multitude of hashtags in the Student Affairs Twittersphere, and I created a directory that I hope you will find helpful. Please understand that this directory is not exhaustive, but lists the most used hashtags by Student Affairs Tweeters / Tweeple.

Here is a FREE Student Affairs Twitter Hashtags handout. Please feel free to share this with your colleagues and students.

A special thanks goes out to Christine Scholl for designing the handout.

7 thoughts on “Twitter Hashtags for Student Affairs (Free resource handout)

  1. Carter Roane

    I think this is a really good idea, especially for new student affairs tweeters. It can definitely help them get adjusted to tweeting much quicker!

    1. studentlifeguru

      Thanks Carter! You can utilize this during staff training or also during meetings with senior staff to introduce them to the power of using Twitter for professional development and networking opportunities.

  2. Kevin R. Guidry

    Laura Pasquini made a good point in a recent Tweet: It would be very helpful if this list were made available in an open, editable format (e.g. Google doc) so we could all keep it up-to-date and inclusive of other hashtags that might be missing.

  3. Kevin R. Guidry

    Additionally, a minor correction I would make if the document were openly-editable is to tweak your definition of “hashtag.” I know that the definition you used – the name of the “#” symbol – is given in one location as Twitter’s official definition. But in actual usage the term refers to the entirety of the metadata tag, including the hash symbol and the text to which it is prepended. In other words, “#” is just a hash symbol whereas “#studentaffairs” is a hashtag. It’s not a huge issue but it would be good to get it right, especially in a document aimed at novices.

    (I know, I know – you’re thinking “This is what I get for doing something nice and good for everyone???” I very much appreciate it and my criticism is offered in a genuine spirit of appreciation and desire to see this become even better!)

  4. studentlifeguru

    Hey Kevin – no worries! I adapted language directly from the Twitter help page so you’ll have to take it up with them! LOL. (But yes, I can see the distinction that you’ve made.) I’m glad that you’ve found the handout helpful though.

    I will attempt to get together an editable document together on Google docs within the next couple of days!


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