5 Musts in Creating Change on Campus (guest post from Jeff Stafford of Orange Slice Training)

You’ve got ideas as a leader. You want to see new things happen. But you can’t get your group to change. Many times leaders have started to run the race of change and then loop in their group. Or you and your group hatch really great ideas that can change your campus forever, but you just can’t get the administration to buy into it.

Use these steps in making the next BIG change or ideas stick – remember ADKAR!  This model was created by Prosci to help with both organizational and personal change:

Awareness. Often times, leaders are so far out in front that they lose sight of those needed to help support the change. You must create awareness for the idea or change proposed. To create AWARENESS for the change, create a list for why this must occur.  Tailor the list to the audience.  What are your key messages that you want to share with the campus community?

Desire. Okay, you’re excited about the idea – but now you need to tap into the motivation for others and help them create the desire for the change.  Create a list of the top 3 motivators that will allow them to shake their head to support your idea. To get at this, you might also ask – What if we don’t do anything? Make sure you address the “what’s in it for me?” question. If you don’t there’s no use going any further.

Knowledge. Create a really clear picture of what life looks like when the idea is in place – or when the change has occurred. Provide people the information needed to support your choice. Remember Knowledge is power.

Ability. What new skills or abilities might you need to implement the change or idea?  What might the Administration need to learn to support you?  Provide access and opportunity for them to learn.

Reinforcement. This is the stage that supports the new change or idea. Plan a celebration, thanking those that helped you get what you wanted. Strengthen the relationship at this point, this will set you up for more support the next time lightning strikes and you have another great idea to implement.

As campus leaders you have great ideas – use these steps to support your work!

Jeff Stafford is founder of Orange Slice Training – a company that specializes in creating learning and leadership events that are JUICY!  As a former Student Affairs professional, Jeff holds a M.S. in Counseling & Student Personnel from Minnesota State University, Mankato.  He is also the author of the upcoming book, Create Your Juicy Life.  Grab your FREE action guides HERE.  Connect with Jeff to learn more how Orange Slice Training can be a part of your next leadership event.

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